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All grants for 2023 are Direct Funded. Please note this is a change from the previous reimbursement method.

Upcoming public meeting is scheduled for December 6th, Tuesday, at 6:30 pm via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 868 8345 3698
Passcode: hhtgu2

Meeting Schedule: See Calendar

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6 of 8 seats. 3 years each seat.

  • Jennifer Bauman, Treasurer. 2024.
  • Kate Whittaker, Secretary. 2023.
  • Owen Bragdon, Co-Chair. 2025.
  • Jacqui Goodman. 2023.
  • Linn Bower. 2024.
  • Maureen Moore. June, 2025.

Join the Shelburne Cultural Council!

If you have a passion for local arts and culture, or just want to work to continue to make Shelburne a great place to live, consider joining our Council. Members of the Shelburne Cultural Council are volunteers appointed by the Shelburne Selectboard. As MCC's application process is now conducted entirely online, proficiency with computers and the internet is essential and experience with finance a plus. Email us at

Who We Are

Established in 1982, the statewide Local Cultural Council funding program is one of many programs initiated and supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), which annually receives its funding from the State Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts. The Shelburne Cultural Council (SCC) is one of 329 councils serving all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. Our local board members are part of approximately 2,400 LCC appointed volunteers statewide.

What We Do

Each local cultural council receives an annual allocation from the MCC based on its town or city’s population. SCC holds public meetings as needed throughout the year. Our busiest period is from September to January. The online grant application for FY 2023, via the Massachusetts Cultural Council website, will run from September 1 to November 1, 2022:

Our state allocation varies; last year we recieved $5000 and awarded 26 grants. Grant amounts typically range between $125 to $400; as such it is advised that applicants apply to all relevant LCCs for funding if their budget exceeds this range. Beginning 2023, grant awards will be provided up front via our Direct Funding method; no longer will an applicant have to cover their expenses and wait to be reimbursed after their program is over. Members are available to answer questions throughout the year.

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The mission of the Shelburne Cultural Council is to help fund a broad range of cultural events that support and enrich the community life of Shelburne Falls and our neighboring hilltowns. We encourage local cultural educators and artists to develop and share their talents through diverse programs and events that appeal to residents of all ages.

Priorities 2022

The Shelburne Cultural Council is committed to fostering awareness of the value of racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in our community life through funding projects in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences. Given the constraints posed by the ongoing Covid pandemic on public gatherings, the Council encourages 2022 applicants to submit projects that meet pandemic-related public safety guidelines, such as: the event or project can be presented via safe outdoor or compliant indoor venues; are designed for ongoing public displays; or make use of virtual platforms.

We welcome innovative concepts and encourage collaborative projects that directly benefit our community and age groups.

Each grant application must explicitly define its local audience and identify any collaborative partners. It must provide a detailed budget and present a sound publicity strategy, in particular to residents of Shelburne. We especially want to know how a virtual presentation will be publicized to Shelburne residents.

Guidelines 2022

  • All Shelburne Cultural Council-funded applications must meet the current Mass Cultural Council requirements. This year, all applications to the SCC for the 2022 grant cycle must be completed online. Please take the time to read MCCs overview and guidelines to help you with this process:


  • MCC Application help desk: 617-858-2721

  • ATTENTION: All grants for 2023 will be Direct Funded. This is a change from the previous Reimbursement funding method. Upon signing an Agreement Form and submitting a W-9, recipients can now expect to receive their funds within 2 to 3 weeks prior to their program's completion. Recipients will complete a Final Report, and send it, along with relevant expenditure receipts, to us within two weeks of a project's completion. The Council feels this important change from Reimbursement enhances LCC programming opportunities by imposing less financial hardship on potential grantees, provides a more equitable playing field for all artists and organizations. It also serves to streamline the process for grantees, town municipal officers and our Council treasurers.

  • All applications must include a statement of support from the hosting organization and/or venue, as well as any collaborative partner.

  • In light of Covid’s continuing impact on indoor venues, a back-up plan (virtual or outdoor) should be included.

  • Include link to the applicant's website

  • Applicants should not expect the SCC to fully fund projects. Each application should indicate a detailed budget identifying funding streams, including applications to other local cultural councils, which will also help to reach more local audiences.

  • Submit application-related questions to well before the deadline of November 1st. We will promptly respond.

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