Board of Health Update

June 11, 2020

Phase II of Reopening Massachusetts began on June 6, 2020, allowing many businesses to resume operations under general and industry-specific social distancing and hygiene protocols.

  • Businesses do NOT need Board of Health approval for reopening. They must have a plan in place that complies with public health guidelines, and must produce that plan upon request.
  • The Board of Health is available as a resource to answer any questions about complying with the reopening guidelines at 413-625-0300, option 8.

Social distancing, including the use of a mask or facial covering, will be required for the foreseeable future. We still face enormous challenges from this novel virus, including transmission from people who have no symptoms. Remember:

  • Those at high risk are still safer at home and should only go out for essential activities.
  • When you go out, continue to keep about six feet between yourself and others.
  • The cloth face cover or mask is not a substitute for social distancing.
    • If you are in a confined space where someone may open a door, such as a hallway in an apartment building, wear a mask or facial covering until you are safely inside your home.
    • If you are outdoors, don a mask or facial covering when you are unable to maintain six feet of distance.
  • The CDC recommends avoiding mass gatherings and staying out of crowded places.
  • Get a COVID-19 test if you have been at a large gathering, even if the event was outdoors.

Free COVID-19 testing available now in Orange and soon in Greenfield. Register at or by calling 413-325-8501. Consider this a gift to yourself, your family and the community in this fight against COVID-19 in Massachusetts.