Planning Board Public Forum on Parking Requirements

On November 30th, at 7:30 pm, the Shelburne Planning Board is hoping to get comments and suggestions about possible changes to the Town’s Zoning Bylaw Parking Regulations. At the present time, there is one set of parking requirements that applies to projects anywhere in Town. During their meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm, the Board will present their current working draft revision that creates separate parking requirements for the Village Commercial and Village Residential districts, separating the requirements for those that apply to the Route 2 Commercial zone.

Over the past couple of years, the Special Permit Granting Authority in Shelburne, the ZBA, has had to review projects where meeting the Town parking requirements has been a significant issue. The ZBA has the authority to waive and negotiate parking requirements for projects and has asked the Planning Board for guidance to help them use their discretionary power effectively and in the best interest of the Town. The Planning Board has been reviewing issues such as: should redevelopment of existing older buildings in the center of the Village be required to create new on-site parking spaces, should the Town require all apartments in Village to provide 2 off-street parking spaces per apartment even if they are a studio or one-bedroom apartment, how do you determine what is the best interests of the Town when a special permit is being reviews.

The Planning Board is hoping that residents will take a look at the first draft of their bylaw revisions and attend the public discussion on the 30th, or read the proposed revisions and submit comments to the Board.

The November 30th discussion draft is available online or via email from

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